Waitsel's Reflections on Father

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Reflections on the Father

Everyone struggles with their relationship with thier earthly father, but men especially; because it is from our fathers that we are supposed to get a big portion of our identities. Unfortunately, most of us had screwed-up relationships with our dads. Our earthly fathers are also supposed to be models to us of our Heavenly Father, which further complicates things. Fortunately, God is not dependent upon our dads to paint for us an accurate picture of His love. He has provided a better model - Jesus Christ. Still, we carry a lot of our hurts and prejudices from our earthly dads into our relationship with our Father God. I hope these articles help you to separate out the two, and where your dad did a good job, to see the parallel with your Heavenly Dad. Contact me with comments and your own reflections. - Waitsel

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Waitsel's Reflections on the FatherWaitsel's Reflections on the FatherWaitsel's Reflections on the FatherWaitsel's Reflections on the FatherWaitsel's BlogEmail Waitsel Smith

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