Best Book on Christian Character, 1990 - 5 stars

Don't Let Its Size Fool You - One of the Most Important Books in Christendom

What's the problem with most Christians today? They're either gung-ho on Truth or gung-ho on Grace. What was wrong with the religious Jews of Jesus' day? They were either gung-ho on Truth (the Pharisees) or gung-ho on Grace (the Sadducees). But John 1:14,17 says that Jesus Christ was full of Grace and Truth. You cannot have the one without the other and be like Christ.

Randy Alcorn does a masterful job fleshing out what is probably the biggest problem with the Church today - why we’re not more like Jesus - and he does so with the smallest number of words (only 92 pages) in the smallest amount of space (only 6.5" x 4.75" size book). It doesn't take long to read, but there's enough meat to meditate on for an entire year, and to spend the rest of your life trying to master.

But it's really pretty simple: Grace + Truth = Christ-like love. If it's so simple, how come we keep missing it? Using examples from scripture, his own ministry, and popular as well as church culture, Randy examines this question and helps us come up with an answer that works. My favorite part of the book is his discussion of the song "Amazing Grace" - where it came from (a former slave trader) and the impact it's had on countless lives (especially blacks).

This book will have an impact on your life as well. It's small enough not to intimidate yet loaded enough to satisfy even the most voracious spiritual appetite. Plus, it's inexpensive enough to make a perfect gift. This is one book that ought to be on every Christian’s bookshelf, and its message needs to be in every Christian heart.


Waitsel Smith, October 10, 2005

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