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Waitsel Advertising

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In 1996, I moved to Atlanta and started an advertising business called Creative Sharks. People always ask how I came up with the name, so here it is.

Elaine Boosler, the comedian, had a story at the time about her boyfriend, whom she called "The Viking" because he was big, blonde and into dangerous sports. One day she asked him, "Why can't you do something safe once in a while? Are you trying to kill yourself?"

"Elaine," he answered in an accent that sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger, "it's the danger that makes it worth doing!"

"Oh, really," she answered. "Then why aren't there sharks in the pool at the Olympics? And how come there aren't snipers behind every tree on the downhill slalom?"

He didn't know what to say; but I thought, "Wow! Sharks really are cool!" Plus, in advertising, they symbolize an aggressive, killer attitude, which can be good. So, I decided to use sharks as the symbol for my business, and it's been a lot of fun ever since.


To visit Creative Sharks, click on the logo above.

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