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by Waitsel Smith

I used to struggle with how to rate a film. Do I love it or merely like it? Is it a good film and maybe I just don’t like it because of the lead actor? Am I just having a bad day or is it really a bad film? You can over-think it and movie watching should be about feeling.

Then I came up with this system, which takes some of the subjectivity out of it:

5 Stars means I would own it.

4 Stars means I would see it multiple times.

3 Stars means I would see it once but no more.

2 Stars means I wouldn’t see it the first time, and if I did, I’m sorry I did.

1 Star means it’s trash and the filmmakers need their heads examined.

Occasionally, I’ll see a film that I think is a masterpiece, and I’ll give it 6 Stars, even though I call it a “5-Star Masterpiece.” Those are films that I believe are significant enough to move the movie industry in a new and positive direction, and which will be remembered by film historians as “classics,” or at least should be.

This year, there weren’t any masterpieces, but there were some very good films – not great, but very good: dramas about soldiers, comedies about chefs, super hero action flicks, the usual offering of sci-fi thrillers and some very unlikely little films that are worth remembering. See if you agree with my picks and my ratings.

So, without further ado, roll the films.

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