My Take on the “Deplorables”


I think it’s very revealing that Hillary Clinton has labelled half of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables” and “unredeemable.” I think it’s even more revealing that the Media, including NPR and the Washington Post, are trying to PROVE that her statement is true. First of all, how do you “prove” an opinion? Just by definition, an opinion belongs on the “editorial page” rather than the “news page” because it IS unprovable, factually. So why do the Media feel they need to try to prove it?

This is the crux of this election: Hillary and the Media are DESPERATE to discredit Trump’s supporters by making them seem LESS than other Americans: less tolerant, less compassionate, less intelligent, even less human. One of the top newspeople at NPR said last week that all you had to do to prove Hillary’s statement was to look at what Trump supporters believe.

Okay. Let’s do that. Let’s look at the beliefs of a typical Trump supporter: me.

I won’t recite the Apostle’s Creed in its entirety, but that’s one of the things I believe. You know: “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Spirit … crucified, dead and buried; the third day he rose from the dead; he ascended into heaven … ” etc.

And, because I believe that, I believe a host of other things that involve loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and loving my neighbor as myself. Contrary to what Hillary Clinton thinks, my beliefs do not include anything whatsoever that could possibly be construed as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic or any other phobia. I believe that most Republicans share my beliefs, as well as most other Trump supporters.

So, why would Hillary want to vilify and “write off” such a large segment of the American population – the American CHRISTIAN population – especially since she wants to be their next President? Because Hillary, the Democrat bosses and the Liberal elite, including the Media, are about divide-and-conquer through intimidation. They believe that if they can turn black against white, female against male, LGBTQ against straight, etc. they can conquer the American people ideologically by intimidating them into conformity. The party that says they are all about diversity is really about conformity – conformity to THEIR way of thinking.

The other day on NPR, a man called in to a talk show that was made up of a panel of newspeople. He identified himself as a member of the LGBTQ community and a supporter of Trump. He asked, “Why do the news media slant all their reporting against Trump and in favor of Hillary?” You could have heard a pin drop. Then the members of the panel began to scramble, saying anything they could think of to try to justify their biased reporting. It was pathetic.

This election is not about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: it’s about ideology. One group wants to control people by controlling what they think, which they will do through intimidation and with the help of the Media. The other group just wants people to obey the law in order that all of us can live together in peace and have a better life. Which “basket” are you in?

Waitsel Smith



Waitsel Smith

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  • Mike II October 4, 2016, 1:06 PM

    I understand these problems. Living in CA I have an, “I don’t care what you say at this point!”, attitude.

    It’s going to come as a deep shock to no one, or everyone, when Trump wins.

  • Sarah Winterstein October 4, 2016, 4:03 PM

    While living through this election period and experiencing the events unfolding every day, I constantly have to remind myself that God is in control. My biggest fear is that Hillary Clinton will either win or somehow steal the election. God bless America!!!

  • Phyllis Sather October 4, 2016, 4:13 PM

    Well said!

  • SteveW October 4, 2016, 9:01 PM

    Waitsel, what about all the nasty things that Trump says? The issues financially he has? He seems to be an arrogant buffoon and the way he acted at the first debate is very concerning to me as it seems he lacks the ability to remain calm and courteous in tense/difficult situations…thoughts?

    • Waitsel Smith October 4, 2016, 10:58 PM

      You mean, as opposed to all the nasty things Hillary says? “Deplorables,” “Unredeemable,” “Basement-dwellers?” Let’s get one thing straight: neither of these two candidates is “nice.” As far as Trump’s finances, do you mean as opposed to Hillary’s finances? Trump has done nothing illegal, that we know of, financially. The releasing of tax forms is not required by law. On the other hand, Hillary HAS done things financially that are considered, if not illegal, at least very poor judgment, both with her foundation and with her senatorial campaign.

      And if Trump is “an arrogant buffoon,” what is Hillary, “an arrogant shrew?” If you wanted to identify Trump and Hillary with two of Shakespeare’s characters, which would they be? I know that Hillary would have to be either Lady Macbeth or Katherina in “Taming of the Shrew;” but who would you choose for Trump? Now ask yourself, do you really want Lady Macbeth or Katherina the Shrew as President of the United States? And then the character you chose for Trump: do you really want that character as President of the United States? Hard decision, I know.

      One thing to keep in mind is, Trump is very new at this; Hillary has had years of experience to hone her skills at covering up, being two-faced, stabbing people in the back, etc. We wanted Trump simply because he wasn’t good at the whole Washington bureaucracy thing. We wanted a businessman that was an outsider who could jump start the economy. Well, we got him. Let’s not get cold feet at the last minute, wishing he was more like the people we’re sending him to replace.

      In spite of his flaws, I think God can use Donald Trump. Like Nebuchadnezzar, I think God can humble him and then lift him back up to become a good leader. Hillary, on the other hand… Only God knows what He could do with her.

  • jeanh October 5, 2016, 12:24 PM

    add me to the deplorables’ camp… we are in the midst of a 40-day prayer time for the election… and admittedly I have praying for a long time… I pray God’s best for our election for president. Nebuchadnezzar/Trump has my vote…
    Thank you for your take on the issue…

  • Lloyd Meese October 6, 2016, 4:00 PM

    Though Trump is a long way off, I still must vote for the person who is closest to the ideals that I uphold. He is distant from my ideals but miles ahead of the Clintons.

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