Who’s Afraid of Donald Trump?


I’m not sure how liberal Christians interpret Romans chapter 13 in the Bible, but I’ll tell you how I interpret it, based on the English Standard Version: God decides who is in authority and who is not. He places those in positions of authority for our benefit. Our job is to submit to them, pray for them and show them respect. That’s it. It says that those who resist them resist what God has appointed and will incur God’s judgment as a result, and that the only people who need be afraid of someone in authority are those who plan on doing wrong.

That means that God chose Donald Trump to be President, not we the voters, even though God worked through us in the process. It means that God intends to use Donald Trump for our good. Our job is to submit to Donald Trump, pray for him and show him the respect due someone who holds the office of President. It means that if we resist Donald Trump, we are going against what God intends and will receive His wrath as a result, and that the only people that need to be afraid of Donald Trump are those who plan on breaking the law.

So, let me ask you: Are the people who have been rioting in the streets of our cities and shutting down our college campuses following God’s command in Romans chapter 13? Have they been submitting to the President-elect – or at least to the will of the people who elected him – praying for him and showing him the respect due someone just elected to the office of President? Have they been respecting the police and others in authority? If not, then why are some Christians, including pastors, defending what these people have been doing?

I’ll tell you how my friends and I view the election results: God is Sovereign. If Donald Trump had not won, God would still be Sovereign. If Hillary Clinton were the new President-elect, my friends and I would not be rioting in the streets. Know why? Because we believe that God is Sovereign – that HE is in control – not to mention the fact that we have jobs to go to. We don’t need to worry. We don’t need to be afraid. And we certainly don’t need to riot.

Anyway, pretty much everything that the rioters have been saying are lies that were spread during the election. Would Donald Trump REALLY have a black woman as vice president of his company if he were against women and people of color? REALLY? Tell me how that would work. Would he REALLY have so many people of different backgrounds – Hispanics, gays, Muslims, you name it – working on his campaign, working for his company and now working on his new administration, if he were as prejudiced and Xenophobic as was claimed in the election? REALLY?

As Romans 13 says, the only people that need to fear a Trump administration are those who plan on doing wrong – i.e., those who plan on breaking the law. Aren’t those the people we WANT to be afraid – the people planning on breaking into our houses? The people planning on stealing our identities? The people planning on bombing our cities, airports and schools?

Trump will be tough on crime. For everyone else, he will help to rebuild our urban neighborhoods and infrastructure, our manufacturing, our health care system, our schools, our trade – everything that is currently failing and keeping America from being great. Isn’t that what we want? God will use Trump to carry out HIS plans – not Trump’s – as He has used so many other imperfect people in the past. As FDR, another imperfect man, very similar to Trump, and used by God for good, once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Amen.

Waitsel Smith



Waitsel Smith

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  • Paul Munger December 6, 2016, 12:05 PM

    Great piece, Waitsel! I’ve been scratching my head why there is so much angst and people getting all riled up over this election. As you point out, it is God who puts the leaders into place, whether that is Bush or Obama and now Trump. So instead of wasting a lot of energy rioting and complaining, let’s come together as the American people and pray together that he will be a good leader and then move forward!

  • Peg Broyhill December 6, 2016, 12:13 PM

    Right on Waitsel!!!! Well written and so true.

  • Phyllis Sather December 6, 2016, 12:26 PM

    Well said!

  • valerie December 6, 2016, 1:46 PM

    Waitsel, while people I have spoken with are thankful knowing that God is soverign, that does not diminish the fears of those in minority cultures. I would commend to you the podcast this summer by David Cho, http://poddirectory.com/episode/14064883/radical-love-part-four-acts-61-7-esv-david-cho Cho . Too many have used this election to give them the license to express racial and social hatred. I know you would not be among those but I would encourage you to consider from a different point of view. My children have friends who are afraid to wear their hijab in public. I attended a prayer and encouragement meeting the night after the election which was put on by the Christian organization, The And Campaign, which was started by a group of black church leaders and pastors to address racial justice. None of these suggest rioting as an appropriate response but neither is the neo-nazi rhetoric that is being espoused by others. To be concise, good people are afraid. Trump would have been wise to address the fear immediately after the election. He has ignored that opportunity. Appointing a diverse cabinet is good but his words affirming the worth and value of the different minority communities would have gone further. It might have quelled the racism that is being vocalized across the country. As Christians we must stand with our minority brothers and sisters and let them know that we will stand with them against the hate language that becoming too vocal and the actions that are occurring with too much frequency. For more information along the lines of David Cho, I recommend the Netflix Documentary – Thirteenth.

    • Waitsel Smith December 6, 2016, 4:06 PM

      Valerie, I think you’re asking for a pastor rather than a president. Do you really think Trump is that sensitive? I’m not sure even Ronald Reagan would have been that aware.

      In a recent sermon, my pastor expressed concern over the types of fears you’re talking about – which, by the way, was one of my inspirations for this post. I thought she was being overly emotional and overly influenced by the Media and the opinions of her college-age daughter. None of my minority friends have expressed any such fears to me. If anything, I think Trump supporters are afraid of being caught in metropolitan areas with a Trump bumper sticker or other Trump paraphernalia in their possession.

      It seems to me that liberals have lost their minds, while I don’t see anything like that coming from conservatives. So, I’m not convinced that any of what you’re saying is true. I listen to NPR and other sources of liberal opinion, and I’ve heard nothing like that coming from them. Just from my pastor and now you. My pastor and I are supposed to meet in the near future to discuss this. I’ll try to look at your link before we do. Can’t guarantee I’ll have time to look at the documentary, but maybe afterwards.

      Just to show you that there is another side to the story: Before my dad died, he expressed a fear to me that black people were taking over our country. Now, my dad was not racist, and he was a Democrat. Yet, he saw something that caused him to fear. Should I have taken him seriously? Should I take the fears you’re talking about seriously? To me, both are irrational. Should we take the irrational fears of people seriously? Rather than be pulled into the world of their irrationality, wouldn’t it be simpler just to teach them to trust God?

    • valerie December 13, 2016, 8:10 PM

      Thanks for responding Waitsel. I have been visiting a predominantly black church in the West End of Atlanta, where my daughter lives ,for over 6 months. I now live in Summerhill which is economically and racially diverse, although we are in the minority. I have attended The And Campaign meetings personally. The information I express about fear and concern in these areas is not from second hand sources but from face to face conversations. I still say, Trump could have diffused much of the fear by making a few clear statements early on, which he failed to do. I’d be glad to speak with you more candidly, privately.

  • Jeff W Geyer December 6, 2016, 3:37 PM

    Valerie, Did you watch Donald’s Trump’s acceptance speech?
    He was an extremely humble, generous and accepting person of all including his opposition – Hilary Clinton. What he demonstrated was the ability to put the campaign behind him and focus on the future Good of the Country. In fairness, I will listen to David Cho’s commentary. But, if you possibly watch MSM and listen to NPR, there is potential to continually be led to false conclusions.

  • Dennis Kevitt December 12, 2016, 4:48 PM

    Waitsel ( and friends),
    I am a devoted follower of Christ, as are you. I have the same interpretation of Romans 13 as you, with one “minor” exception that I shall get to in few moments.
    I consider myself your “friend” inasmuch as you and I and your “friends” are brothers in Christ. Yet, apparently unlike you, I believe he will more dangerous to our nation than you and your “friends”, except for me, ever thought President Obama would be.
    Moreover, may I be so presumptuous to ask whether you and your friends followed the command of Romans 13 with regard to President Obama that you now correctly emphasize with regard to President elect Trump?
    I have and am willing to continue to give him the respect he deserves, even when he shows his true colors which he has already begun to do.
    With best regards and respect,
    Dennis Kevitt
    Hickory, NC

    • Waitsel Smith December 12, 2016, 6:43 PM

      Dennis, What “true colors” are those? So far, Trump has saved 1,000 jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana, tried to rebuild our relations with Taiwan, and shown support for our military, who returned the favor at the most recent Army-Navy game by both teams cheering him and no one taking a knee during the national anthem. On top of that, his popularity rating has jumped over 50% since the election. Don’t you want to see America upbeat and positive again? Do you really want to go back to the depressing, negative, “everyone-at-each-other’s-throat” times that we had to endure under Obama? I don’t. I believe that Christianity in America will grow under Trump in revolutionary ways. I believe we will see a reawakening of spirituality, brotherly love, innovation and all the things that made America great in the past.

      By the way, look for my next post. It answers the question: Does Romans 13 require us to submit to bad, even evil, leaders as well as good? I think you will enjoy it.

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