Facts Don’t Matter

A recent editorial pointed out how we ignore facts and don’t allow them to change our minds. We SHOULD ignore facts. If we didn’t, no one would ever get married or start a business; no one would ever experience a miracle; and certainly no one would ever put their life on the line for someone else. Facts just give us reasons not to act. They make cowards of us all.

Truth, on the other hand, gives us courage and motivation. Can you imagine the Israelites standing at the edge of the Red Sea following the Exodus? The Egyptian chariots are bearing down on them and Moses is ready to lead them through the waters, when someone turns to Moses and says, “Do you mind if I fact-check this first? I have some statistics hereā€¦ And a recent poll indicatesā€¦”

We can look at life the way Sgt. Joe Friday did on the old TV show, Dragnet: “Just the facts, ma’am.” Or, we can look at it the way Jesus did, with spiritual eyes focused on Truth. The Media has been feeding us facts for years, and where have they gotten us? Can facts bring down a dictator? Can they bring a dead child back to life? Can they save a marriage or change an addict’s life? And can facts ever, ever save a person’s soul? Truth can do all that, and more.

My sisters and I were raised by the same set of parents in the same place at roughly the same time. Yet, when we start telling stories about our childhood, you would think we were from different planets. I will tell a story; then my older sister will say, “Now I’ll tell you something that really DID happen.” What, and mine didn’t?! Then my younger sister starts, and the whole time she’s talking, I’m thinking, “When did THAT happen? Who IS this person?!”

If three people that grew up together have such different versions of “the facts” concerning their childhood, isn’t it possible – just POSSIBLE – that all these facts we’re being fed by the Media are bogus, or at least unimportant? How do they have so many “facts” on President Trump, when people who have known each other their entire lives cannot get their facts straight?

I’ll tell you, if I have a choice between believing “just the facts” and believing the Truth, I’ll take the Truth. The facts are all going to be burned up one day anyway.

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  • Dennis Kevitt March 22, 2017, 7:20 PM


    Great blog! I loved it and it is true as opposed to being factual! Based on this blog it is a wonder there has ever been a verdict in a criminal court case that was actually correct. It is true that facts can be untrue or, if you will, be a lie. Immutable truth is truth given us by God. The problem is that human beings are not always able to discern God’s truth from Adam’s or man’s claims that something is true when it actually isn’t true or, perhaps, only half true (and half lie).

    This was the best blog I’ve read in a long time. Best of any blog. Not only yours.



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