It is Not the Critic Who Counts –  Great quote from Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

SIMPLICITY – Why is everything so complicated? Curly from City Slickers shares the “one thing” that is most important.

Courage, The Heart of a Man – Second of the Knightly Virtues, courage plays out in different ways in every man’s life: whether he’s a born coward, like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; or a born leader, like Sir Ernest Shackleton, who was going to lead his men across Antarctica in 1914, but the expedition ended in disaster. Because of his courage, he was still able to save every man’s life.

Living Without Resentments – How to overcome one of the deadliest sins there is – resentment, which is second cousin to the deadliest sin, pride. Resentments will eat you up if you let them. Don’t let them. Let them go with forgiveness.

Refinishing Furniture – This is part of a new series called “Projects That Build Character,” which show you how to do things around the house the best, albeit the harder, way; and, in the process, build the character of those involved.

Leaving Vanity Fair – Many of us are presently stranded in Vanity Fair with all its enticements and dead ends. But there is a way out.

One Hundred Eighty – 180 Movie – Watch unbelievers, after hearing the Gospel, change their opinions on abortion – 180 degrees!

Crying Out to God – We want to keep “Work” and “Vacation” in separate boxes. But sometimes, God breaks down those walls; so that what we thought was going to be work turns out to be the perfect vacation.

“God, Be Merciful to Me, a Sinner!” – Humility, the Eleventh Knightly Virtue – If humility is so important, why do we let it slip through our fingers?

Hanging Out in the Land of the Pharisees – Obedience, the First Knightly Virtue – Reconciling conservative vs liberal, legalism vs licentiousness within the Christian community.

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