Creative Sharks

Creative Sharks is an North Carolina based creative firm with over 35 years of experience in creating words and images, and using them cleverly and strategically to help our clients reach their goals. We create content for the Internet. We do copywriting, graphic design, illustration, web design, social media, SEO, blogs, mobile media, Flash animation, e-commerce, corporate i.d. and logos, collateral print, poster design, book and media cover design, scripts, storyboards – you name it. If you need creative content in order to advertise and market your product or service, we do it. Call Creative Director Waitsel Smith at 404-357-2163 to discuss your project today.

Intelligent Marketing in the Age of Social Media – Part 3 – Selling on the Internet – what sells, how to sell it, and other keys to social marketing.

Intelligent Marketing in the Age of Social Media – Part 2 – Creative Director Waitsel Smith walks you through the second phase of a good marketing strategy.

Intelligent Marketing in the Age of Social Media – Part 1 – The three things every person or company should do as part of a good marketing strategy, regardless of what they’re selling.

My Latest Work: Pirate Illustrations for the Travel Channel – Waitsel Smith’s illustrations for the Travel Channel’s Hidden City, dealing with notorious pirate Black Caesar who ravaged the Florida Keys 300 years ago.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Web Site – Building a web site is like building a house – you don’t want to be chincy, but you also don’t want it to turn into a money pit. I use the classic film Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House to show the parallels and some common pitfalls.

Things to Come – Predictions for the Future – Everyone is wondering what is going to happen in both the near and distant futures. I’m no Nostradamus; but I do believe I have a pretty good handle on where things are going, based on history and observing our planet over the past 50 years.

Technology Meltdown – Is this thing we’re so proud of destroying us?

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