Waitsel’s Best of Christmas – Vol. 2 – Best foods, movies, gifts, ideas… best everything!

SIMPLICITY – Why is everything so complicated? Curly from City Slickers shares the “one thing” that is most important.

Pop Culture Christianity – Christian Music Part 4 – Should Christian culture imitate the world’s culture?

Music is Spiritual – Christian Music Part 3 – The spiritual side of music, and quotes from a slew of famous people who agree that “music is spiritual.”

Love God More – Christian Music Part 2 – I use the movie Fireproof as an example of how we need to change, how we need to love God more. Otherwise, we’re just like the world – which is why we produce the same kind of music.

Is This God’s Idea? – Christian Music Part 1 – Does style proclaim lordship, the way that “form follows function” and “the medium is the message?” It’s time to get serious about music.

Lessons We Can Learn from Harry Potter – One of the most famous characters in popular fiction is not the best role model, but there are things we can learn from him.

I Got Kicked Off Facebook! – My reasons for not trusting Facebook, as well as how and why I got kicked off the site

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE WORLD – As the world teeters on the brink of disaster, it would be instructive to take stock of where we have come from, in order to understand where we are going and to avoid making the same mistakes. It is with this in mind that I offer this very brief history of the world.

The Best Christian Movies of All Time – This web site is my attempt at closing the gap between what is today known as “Christian” film, and outstanding filmmaking regardless of its label that reflects Christian values.

Check Out My New Christian Culture Web Site – Find Out How to Win a $100, $250, $500 and $1,000 Gift Certificate!

A Christmas Carol – In the mid 1800s, Christmas was a dying holiday, much as it is today. Many of its traditions were being neglected, and even the idea of “Peace on earth, good will to men” was considered passe. Then something extraordinary happened.

Why Things Aren’t Working: or, The Parable of Bedford Falls – I believe the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, holds the answer to why our nation is in trouble. Almost nothing in America is working right now, and the reason is pretty simple.

One Hundred Eighty – 180 Movie – Watch unbelievers, after hearing the Gospel, change their opinions on abortion – 180 degrees!

Things to Come – Predictions for the Future – Everyone is wondering what is going to happen in both the near and distant futures. The prophets of doom are everywhere, and they’re selling their books, CDs and online classes by the truckloads. I’m no Nostradamus; but I do believe I have a pretty good handle on where things are going, based on history and observing our planet over the past 50 years. Care to hear my predictions?

Real Stories – This is the creme de la creme from my ten web sites – everything from art, books, character, culture, health, history, knighthood, leadership, manhood, money, movies, music, nature, technology, travel, writing – even heaven. This is not just my opinion, but what you, my readers, have told me were the most meaningful articles, as well as which stories have drawn the most readers from search engines. I hope you find something that piques your interest. Enjoy!

Hit the Road! – For generations, Americans have “found themselves” by hitting the road and discovering America, and many of them did that on Route 66. It’s time we hit the Mother Road again.

Modern Day Leonardo – If you’ve been wondering where all the modern day Leonardo da Vinci’s are, well, here’s one. His name is Theo Jansen, a kinetic sculptor that lives in Holland. He calls his “animals” Strandbeests. Check out this video from the BBC’s Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention

Waitsel’s Best of Christmas – Vol. 1 – The Cookie Shop, The Man Who Came To Dinner, Jim Brickman, Buzz Lightyear, Christmas In Connecticutt, More.

The Dumbing Down of America – As Americans become more visually-oriented, we are losing our ability to think and express ourselves verbally.

Communism in Hollywood – As a “Whore of Babylon,” Hollywood has sold its soul to the god of money, and is a tarnished lady; but is she unredeemable?

Technology Meltdown – Is technology destroying us? Texting while driving, violent movies, video games, Internet pornography, etc. are leading to a social and cultural meltdown.

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