Redneck and Proud of It – Being redneck can be a good thing if it means connecting with a simpler lifestyle.

Brennan Manning – Great quote.

The Daffodil Principle Revisited – Getting past the sap to the fire and blood of real life. Great principle.

Are You Listening? – At one point in his life, Elijah was so discouraged that he wanted to die. But God took him on a journey that changed his life. He’ll do the same for us; but, like Elijah, we have to listen for His still small voice.

Leaving Vanity Fair – Many of us are presently stranded in Vanity Fair with all its enticements and dead ends. But there is a way out.

Crying Out to God – We want to keep “Work” and “Vacation” in separate boxes. But sometimes, God breaks down those walls; so that what we thought was going to be work turns out to be the perfect vacation.

Anyone Feeling Confused? – Sometimes confusion is a good thing if it helps us connect with what happend on the cross.

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