The False Promise of Technology – In his recent column in the News Topic, Brent Tomberlin talks about “Making the important connections,” and how technology undermines our ability to do that, so that we have to make a special effort to connect with people in our technology-crazed culture. I agree with that; but I would like to take Brent’s point a step further: technology undermines our ability to be happy and makes us more vulnerable to weakness. And even further: technology destroys our happiness and our security.

Newspapers Need to Be More Relevant – In a recent newspaper editorial, the editor titled his piece, “News has to go digital or go home.” I think he needed to change that to “Newspapers have to become more relevant or expect a well-deserved death.” Going digital, while a necessary step, is certainly not the answer to what’s wrong with newspapers. Here are my suggestions.

Things to Come – Predictions for the Future – Everyone is wondering what is going to happen in both the near and distant futures. The prophets of doom are everywhere, and they’re selling their books, CDs and online classes by the truckloads. Care to hear my predictions?

Technology Meltdown – We are a technology-saturated, technology-obsessed society, with new devices being introduced almost faster than consumers can absorb them. Is all this technology destroying us? Before you poo poo that idea, let me offer some examples.

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