Story Waters' No Rules: A Rebellion Of Love
Story Waters' No Rules: A Rebellion Of Love


Why this Obsession with Grace and not with Truth?

Many Christians today are grace-crazy. They have been so influenced by our culture that they no longer believe in absolute truth. They believe that being "freed from the law" of God means that they no longer have to obey His commands, like tithing or honoring the Sabbath. They believe in a "no rules" Christianity. Is that what grace means - no rules, no law?

"For as long as we were not in contact with our hearts, rules were an appropriate expression of a society seeking a state of civilization. Rules helped keep us safe and even seemed to free us at times; but as we are awakening and coming into communion with our hearts, so it is appropriate to live from our hearts and not the rules that surround us. This is to have the courage to be yourself. It is time for rebellion; a revolution of love." - Story Waters, author of No Rules: A Rebellion Of Love

The word grace means "gift." Salvation by grace means that salvation is a gift from God that cannot be earned. Love is also a gift from God that cannot be earned. That's what "unconditional love" is all about. Grace has absolutely nothing to do with the law. The opposite of grace is works: the idea that you can work for salvation or earn God's love. Law, on the other hand, is the opposite of lawlessness or anarchy. Therefore, God's grace does not cancel out God's law; but you would never know that by the way many Christians live.

What got me thinking about this was a book I'm writing about knighthood. Knights lived by the code of chivalry, which was a set of rules that governed how they behaved and how they treated others. These were taken straight from the Bible. Courage, justice, loyalty, faith, humility, generosity, charity, respect, fairness, mercy, duty, integrity, encouragement, moderation and service were all qualities of knighthood. "When knighthood was in flower," as they say - which was literally up until the beginning of the 20th Century - people treated each other better. I know what you've heard about the Crusades. The Crusades were a very small part of the history of knighthood; and the negative stories, which only involved a handful of knights, have been greatly exaggerated. For the most part, knights - which have existed from the 6th Century through the 19th Century AD - were men of honor. They were the pinacle of manhood and the guardians of civilization.

Rules and laws give order to a society. Without them, there is chaos. The very first thing God did "in the beginning" was to bring order to the chaos that existed by creating a law - it was the law separating Day from Night. Then He created another law, the one separating the waters that are above Heaven from the waters that are below. Then He created the law that separates Earth from Seas. And He continued, creating law after law, until the chaos disappeared. That's what laws and rules do: they bring order so that chaos cannot exist. God is a God of order, therefore He is a God of laws and rules.

Every area of life testifies to the need for laws and rules, from science to business to sports to government. But for some reason, when it comes to God, the Church and their own personal lives, many Christians believe they can live without rules, or that they can make up their own rules. Why is that? What is it that causes us to think this way? Are we so jaded by laws and rules that we think we can do what we like without there being any consequences? There are consequences to breaking rules in the rest of life - why not in our relationship with Christ? Is it because we believe His grace will cover for us? Does grace cover our sins and mistakes?

No, it doesn't. Love is what covers our sins and mistakes. (Proverbs 10:12; I Peter 4:8) And the last time I read the 13th chapter of I Corinthians, love is governed by rules. Grace is not a catch-all that allows us to do what we like. (Romans 6:1) Christ did not abolish the law, He fulfilled it. (Matthew 5:17) The law of God is still in effect today. If we are breaking it, then we are reaping the consequences. Ever wonder why Christian couples have as many divorces as unbelievers; why there are as many Christian men addicted to pornography as non-Christians; why there are as many Christian teen pregnancies, as many Christian teen suicides, as many Christian teens experimenting with drugs, alcohol and sex? When are we going to wake up?

Our lives are in chaos for the same reason the universe was in chaos "in the beginning" - we lack God's laws to bring order to our lives. It's the same reason nations succumb to chaos. If we ever turn from the laws that have made our nation great, or if we fail to enact meaningful laws to deal with new problems that arise, our country will fall to chaos. That is exactly what our enemies want, and what the Communist Party has been dedicated to from day one. Well, the devil is dedicated to causing chaos in our personal lives and in our relationships with God and man. And many of us are playing right into his hands.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not against grace, I love it. God's gifts are all I have: His love, His salvation, His wisdom, His strength and everything else I hold dear, including my freedom, health, family, friends and prosperity. But I hope my life is governed by Truth: His laws, His promises, His commandments, His will. There are rules to life, just as there are rules to nature, business, games and everything else. We have to play by God's rules if we want to win at the game of life. All Christians are going to end up in Heaven because of grace - that's a given. But what happens between now and then depends to a great degree upon how well we play by God's rules. We may not like rules, we may believe rules are made to be broken, but we need to remember that God's rules are there for a reason - to protect and bless us - just like the guardrail on the side of the highway.


Waitsel Smith, August 29, 2008

Text © 2008 Waitsel Smith. All rights reserved.

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