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Truth vs Opinions

The Search for Meaning in Life

Article 5

I wrote an article not long ago called "Truth vs Facts," in which I showed the difference between the two, and I was taken to task over it by some people who believe there is no difference. But there is. Facts can be proven, truth can't. I cannot prove to you that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, even if my life depended on it. All I can do is believe it. But I can prove to you that I'm fifty-five years old and the son of Waitsel and Rose Ann Smith.

Similarly, opinions cannot be proven. That is something truth and opinions have in common, and why we tend to argue about those things. Unfortunately, many Christians see the two as the same. Those who opposed my earlier article believe that truth and facts are the same; but far, far more Christians believe that opinions and truth are the same. That's why, when they speak the truth, they offer it as an opinion rather than what it is, truth. They say, "I believe that Jesus Christ is God, but you have a right to believe that Allah is God." They do that in order not to offend. But they offend God when they do that.

One way to speak that truth might be something like this: "Jesus Christ is God, whether you or I believe it or not. My believing it does not make it so, and your not believing it does not make it not so. He's still God, even if no one believes it."

But then we sound authoritative, and that may offend someone, and we never, ever want to do that. :) So we are as mamby pamby and wishy washy as we can possibly be and say, "Well, that's just my opinion."

Truth is not an opinion. Truth is truth. It takes spiritual backbone to speak the truth. Very few Christians today have that, because we are more interested in getting along and not offending anyone than we are in saving people and bringing them into God's Kingdom. That is what we've lost: an understanding of what truth is.

So, we spend our lives offering opinions, and we wonder why our lives and our country are being destroyed. Opinions don't save; truth does. If we would ever get back to speaking the truth the way the prophets spoke it, the way Jesus spoke it, the way the apostles spoke it, we would see miracles all around us and lives being changed the way they did in the Bible.

I will never, ever apologize for the truth or state it as an opinion, by God's grace, in order to get along with others. Never. My opinions are worthless - as are yours - and, even though facts are interesting, they will pass away; but truth can save a soul, and truth will endure forever.


Waitsel Smith, October 20, 2007

Text © 2007 Waitsel Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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