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Waking Up to Truth

The Search for Meaning in Life

Article 3

In any discussion of truth vs facts, what it ultimately comes to - especially if you know me - is our government-run school system. Even though most schools, colleges and universities have something in their motto or charter about being concerned with truth, nothing could be further from the truth. Schools today are not teaching truth, they are teaching facts. Since truth is the only thing that changes a person, is it any wonder that our children are graduating from school after school with less and less of a handle on life? We are actually destroying our children with our educational system, not helping them, because we are telling them, in essence, that facts can save them and give them the life they desire. That's a lie.

Facts, as I argued before, are relatively unimportant. What difference does it make, really, that the earth is 92 million miles from the sun? Am I ever going to go there? What difference does it make that eggs affect my cholesterol, when tomorrow the same people who told me that are going to tell me that they don't affect it? What difference does it make that red and yellow make orange? All of these are interesting facts, but they don't do anything to change my life.

The only facts that are really important are when I need to be at the restaurant and when my taxes are due. Other than that, most facts are unimportant and clutter our minds with unimportant information. I can live in a third world country and know Christ and be just as happy as living in a first world country and know Christ. Either way, I have the most important treasure in the Universe. What's important is, what am I doing with my treasure? Facts have very little to do with that.

Yet, we are spending billions on our educational system every year and getting back people that are more and more dysfunctional. Our system is seriously flawed. What is the answer? Let God come back into our schools. Let truth once again take center stage. Stop substituting facts for truth. Tell the government we don't want their money if that means turning our children into empty-headed fact machines. Tell them we want character, morals and decision-making skills taught, not the politically correct subjects being taught today.

But we don't have the wisdom or guts to do that, do we? As Christians, we have found it easier to go off and start our own fact-teaching schools rather than change the government schools - which we own, by the way - back into the dispensers of truth that they were intended to be. We think the solution is duplication with a slightly different slant rather than a total overhaul. What our schools need is revolution, not spring cleaning. We need to tear down the present fact-based system and rebuild a truth-based system.

If Christians had been more interested in truth than facts, their separate system might have had an effect by providing an example that could be pointed to and said, "That is what we're talking about. That is the way all our schools should be." But they aren't. They want their kids to pass the fact-based SAT as much as unbelievers. They want their kids to get into the fact-teaching colleges as much as unbelievers. There really is very little difference between Christians and unbelievers, so there really is very little difference between Christian schools and government schools. Both teach facts, not truth.

As I said before, facts are what man has done, truth is what God has spoken, and the two very seldom line up. When they do, miracles happen, worlds collide, lives are changed, nations are released from slavery, the incredible occurs. How is that going to happen if our schools teach only facts? How is that going to happen if we spend our entire days thinking about facts and very little of them thinking about truth?

If truth were being taught on the Virginia Tech campus rather than facts, I believe what happened there recently wouldn't have occurred. Truth would have stood in the way. Truth can stop evil. Facts can't. Were the facts being taught there really worth the lives of 32 people? Were they worth the scars that now exist on the minds of all the other students and teachers? Just what price are we willing to pay for our facts?

The price of truth has already been paid for. It was paid for by Christ. We pay the price for our love of facts every day, and it's getting more and more expensive. When are we going to wake up to the truth?


Waitsel Smith, April 30, 2007

Text © 2007 Waitsel Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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