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I majored in Radio-Television-Motion Pictures at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill back in the 1970s. If you can believe it, back then, people talked about the "death" of motion pictures. Theaters were doing horrible business and there was no such thing as VHS or DVDs. There was just television, and no cable! Yet, movies struggled. Very few were being produced. So my dad told me I ought to choose a different profession. (I wanted to be a director.) It wasn't hard making the decision because I really dreaded having to leave my family and move to LA. Back then, that was the only place movies were being produced. Anyhow, I switched to art, and eventually went into advertising; but I have continued to love film, and have written about it extensively. These are just a handful of the articles I've written. Contact me with comments and suggestions for other articles. - Waitsel

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