Welcome to Tire Swing Childcare.

Here’s what parents are saying about Tire Swing Childcare:

“My child loves this environment. It’s encouraging and energetic and gives her just the right balance between quiet learning and all-out activity.”

“Tommy can’t stop talking about “the Tire Swing.” He thinks he’s being rewarded for something good he did when he goes there. Miss Amanda really seems to understand what these children need, and gives it to them by the bushel. It’s the happiest childcare center I’ve ever seen.”

“The twins love going to “Miss Amanda’s.” She’s a very loving person and a great teacher, so they’re getting everything they need, both emotionally and educationally, when they go there. Sending them to Tire Swing was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Look around our web site, then give us a call for a visit and free consultation. This might just be the right place for your child as well.

Teamwork Teaches Sharing, Leading and Following

Often, we will do group projects, like mixing and simple cooking, so kids can learn to work together and see the results of their cooperation. Some kids will lead, others will follow, and some will just watch; but all will […]

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Art Speaks to Kids on a Basic Level

At Tire Swing Childcare, we give kids the chance to express themselves in a lot of ways, but one of the best is through art. It teaches them about accomplishment, handling mistakes, working with the physical world, having a vision […]

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