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Biltmore House in Autumn Looking West, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Hiking Biltmore: Part 3 - Fall Color

by Waitsel Smith

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In Part 1, we hiked the Garden and Bass Pond Trails, Deer Park Trail and the Lagoon Trail, taking in the colors of summer. In Part 2, we hiked the Westover Trails, Farm Trail and Arbor Trace Trail, all of which originate, more or less, at Antler Hill Village. That was in early autumn, before the trees had had time to change much. On this trip, I retrace some of our steps on the Garden Trail, looking for great examples of fall color.

Maple Trees near Temple of Diana, Biltmore Estate

This photo of maple trees, as well as the ones that immediately follow, were taken up around the Temple of Diana, on the east side of the house. To order prints of any of the photos in this article, just email me.

Maple Leaves near Temple of Diana, Biltmore Estate

Maple Tree near Temple of Diana, Biltmore Estate

Maple Tree 2 near Temple of Diana, Biltmore Estate

Library Terrace, Biltmore Estate

This is the Library Terrace, located on the south side of the house. The vines, which form a natural canopy, are wonderfully old. They're wisteria, which my grandmother had all over her grounds growing up. Subscribe to our newsletter

Wisteria Vines, Library Terrace, Biltmore Estate

The largest of the intertwining vines. Reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Large Version - Looking West from Tapestry Gallery Terrace, Autumn, Biltmore Estate

This is the view from the balcony off the Tapestry Gallery. To the right you see one of the windows to the Music Room. I was disappointed in the fall color of the mountains of North Carolina this year. People kept changing when they said the "peak" weekend was. It my opinion, it never occurred. Still, there are isolated examples of great fall color, as the rest of these photos show. Click the photo to enlarge it. To order prints, email me.

Japanese Maple 1, Biltmore Estate

This and the photos that immediately follow are on the Garden Trail, just off the road as you leave the Conservatory and are heading away from the house and toward Bass Pond. This is a beautiful Japanese maple.

Japanese Maple 2

Ginkgo Tree, Autumn, Biltmore Estate

I spotted this ginkgo tree from the road as I was headed out and had to hike back in to get some shots of it. I wouldn't have known what it was, were it not for another photographer that was also shooting it and told me. We had to work around each other. :) To order prints of this or any of the other photos in this article, just email me.

Ginkgo Tree Branches, Autumn, Biltmore Estate

A branch from the ginkgo. Notice the fan-shaped leaves.

Japanese Maple 3, Biltmore Estate

Another Japanese maple, with different color from the previous one.

Impressionistic Vision, Autumn, Biltmore Estate

This mixture of various trees and bushes creates an impressionistic vision. Subscribe to our newsletter

Beech Tree, Autumn, Biltmore Estate

I love beech trees. This one is over halfway in its shedding of leaves.

Tall Tree with Vines in Autumn, Farm Trail, Biltmore Estate - Photo by Waitsel Smith

I decided to include this giant from Part 2, just because it's the only example of fall color in that article and I really like it. This is from the Farm Trail.

They were decorating for Christmas at Biltmore while I was there. They should be done before I get this article finished. I'll probably do a photo essay of that, which is interesting to me simply because that was the time of year Biltmore was officially opened by the Vanderbilts back in 1895. And after that, we'll experience "Hiking Biltmore in the Snow." That should be fun.


Waitsel Smith, November 5, 2012

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If you would like prints of any of the photos in this article, email me and I'll send you sizes and costs.


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Wow! "and the trees of the field will clap their hands!" Man, these beauties are wonderfully adorned! Nice shots, Waits, and glorious work. Magnificent Craftsman! - Bill, Atlanta

Glorious! I love trees! To me they reveal themselves so much more than other parts of nature. Their energy, intention and purpose are altered by the weather, soil, terrain, humans, wild life, etc. and develop an interesting character as a result. Now that I think about it, those same things alter all of nature but there is something about trees… For instance, I don't know if it's a struggle or a dance between the old Fox grape and the mighty Poplar(?), but that slow motion activity has been going on for decades as Nature intended. So interesting. Your photos captured the mood beautifully of a getaway day to a special place. They make me want to plan my own trip there next spring. I am enjoying your Biltmore series and look forward to reading about your winter trip with dark angular tree shapes against a snowy field, maybe. - Lee

Hi Waits, I think the picture of the Japanese Maple is my favorite. It's something about the shadow underneath the tree beneath it that holds my eye to it a bit longer than the other pics. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you got to make the trip. - Leslie, Texas

Waitsel, You have a great ministry of sharing the beauty of God's creation. Thank you. - Pat, Atlanta

Waits, these are great!!! Thanks for sharing these. - Randy, Atanta

I love the Biltmore. I went 4 times last year. If you go in Jan you can get a year pass for $40. Great deal! I know a lot of the places you've mentioned. Great stuff here! - Sandy, Atlanta

Very nice photos Waits. Thanks for sharing. - Game, Alaska

I think you have done such a thorough job of showing the grounds at Biltmore that I am content just to look at the pics... they are lovely. - Norma

Nice photos. Amazing how God displays his glory thru his creation. I have some good fall color pictures I've taken this year. - Jerry, Atlanta

I just finished looking at the picture of the Biltmore Estate and reading the article. I have been there a number of times because I live in Asheville, NC. I enjoy taking visitors there, and they certainly enjoy it, too. We are so very lucky to have the Biltmore Estate and its contents, etc. Thank you very much for your e-mail. I will share it with others. - Jean, North Carolina

Thanks Waitsel! The pics are stunning and the election article a good reminder. I am trying not to be too depressed but not easy. - Sally, Atlanta

Thanks for all your great comments!

Text & Photos © 2012 Waitsel Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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